Speciality Tablets

Speciality Tablets

Putting technology into tablets. Offering world leading speciality industrial tableting

Customised solutions and bespoke tablets

Customised solutions and bespoke tablets

We can manufacture tablets in all shapes and sizes from 50mg dots to 100g blocks – we can even make tablets with holes in.

We have the technology to tailor the release profile of active ingredients according to the technological demands of the tablet and we have considerable expertise in the production of effervescent tablets.

Contact us and Sarah Tittle can take you through the Thompson & Capper approach.


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Insights in the products we produce- Kjeldahl Catalysts Tablets for organic nitrogen determination

Thompson & Capper has a great heritage in industrial pharmaceutical specialities and we were one of the first producers of the Kjeldahl catalyst as a tablet worldwide.

Here at Thompson & Capper, through the brand Kjeltabs, we offer the most comprehensive range of catalysts with over 40 standard items and many customer specific formulations.

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Laboratory Reagents

Thompson & Capper has been instrumental in the creation of many unusual analytical applications.

We are unique because we can combine our tabletting knowledge with our analytical expertise. Together with our customers, we convert ideas and concepts into working realities and saleable products.

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Scaleaway - Scale Be Gone

Scale Be Gone’ is Thompson & Capper’s own brand descaler, which has been voted ‘Best on Test’ by the consumer organisation WHICH. It comes in a convenient tablet form and is suitable for plastic and metal use. It works by removing limescale and can be used to descale kettles, coffee makers, irons, showerheads and other household appliances.

Please contact the following wholesaler stockists who can advise you where you can buy Scale Be Gone:

Email: idl@eircom.net
Tel: +353 (0)74 9368104

Email: sales@fosters-foods.co.uk

Tel: +44(0) 1858 438 000

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Dritabs Desiccants

Thompson & Capper’s Dritabs are a range of highly effective molecular sieve tablets designed to reduce spoilage caused by atmospheric moisture. Dritabs are carefully formulated to give optimum moisture control in even the most demanding applications.

Advantages of Dritabs include:

  • Rapid water uptake and can dry to zero humidity
  • Ability to adsorb over 20% of tablet weight in moisture
  • Three times more effective than silica gel (at 10% relative humidity)
  • Will absorb moisture over wider temperature range than other desiccants

Dritabs are used in all areas where protection from moisture spoilage effects is required. Such spoilage includes performance failure, corrosion, rot and biological attack.

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